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Our organisation offers One-Stop Solution to Corporate Account Services that include bookkeeping, accounting, and reports. There are several types of bookkeeping and accounting services available for your business in Singapore. Outsourcing these services will help you to easily keep track of your business’ overall financial activities including tax, performance and cash flow.

Our Accounting and Bookkeeping Services Fees

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Service TypeFeesService TypeFees
Monthly BookkeepingFrom $100 per monthMonthly Payroll$50 per staff
Yearly BookkeepingFrom $400 per yearPreparation of IR8A$20 per staff
Compilation of Financial StatementsFrom $500 per yearCPF Application$100
Corporate TaxFrom $200 per yearGST Registration$300

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What is the Differences between Bookkeeping and Accounting?

Bookkeeping involves the day-to-day details of transactions while the accounting is important in creating reports and summaries of the overall financial health and state of your company.

Why Should You Consider Outsourcing These Services?

These services are commonly outsourced as maintenance of the accounts and bookkeeping can slow down the productivity and efficiency of the company; especially for small-medium enterprises (SME), as they may not have the resources to dedicate manpower or a department to looking after the day-to-day affairs and details.

There are a number of benefits you can reap from outsourced accounting services in Singapore. They include:


By outsourcing the accounting and bookkeeping, you will be able to focus on running your business instead of having to worry about the state of your accounts and bookkeeping.


Apart from the fact that time is money in the business world, in setting up an in-house finance team, your business will have to accommodate for the monetary cost of hiring additional staff that may not contribute directly to your profits and increasing turnover. Hence, outsourcing will help your business to cut down on unnecessary costs.

Efficiency and Reliability

Rather than causing yourself additional stress on top of day-to-day affairs and goals you have, you can outsource accounting and bookkeeping to lighten your load without compromising the quality of work. Outsourcing these services will ensure that the accounts will be managed by professionals who specialize in this field and you can rest assured that your accounts are in capable hands.

The team here at Margin Wheeler specializes in accounting and bookkeeping services for SMEs, and corporate account services for private limited companies in Singapore. Our team members are Certified Public Accountants (CPA) and are experienced in handling corporate accounts. We are able to provide these services across a wide range of industries and have a strong track record.

Having your company’s accounts in order is a fundamental but tedious task and turning to outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services for SMEs in Singapore will aid with cost-savings and expertise to lessen the workload on your employees. With our help, you will be able to maintain an updated and accurate accounts, reduce and remove messy and complicated accounts, clear backlog, manage various accounting and point-of-sales systems, and most importantly, have accounts prepared in line with accounting standards.

Apart from bookkeeping and accounting services, we also offer the following:

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