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Nominee Director Singapore - Local Nominee Director Services For New Companies

Setting up a new business requires the company to be headed by at least one director. You would need to engage a Nominee Director Service in Singapore if your company consists of only foreign directors who do not have the legal rights to work or reside in Singapore.

Setting up a company is a tedious and complex process, hence we not only able to offer Nominee Director Services but also other Corporate Solutions and Accounting Services.

Our Nominee Director Services – $2400/year

In addition, we would require a security deposit of $3000 which will be refunded in full upon termination of our Nominee Director Service.

However, a higher Nominee Director Service Fee or security deposit would be required if your company falls under a higher risk level. The nominee director security deposit amount will depend on the nature of your business.

We are open to all sizes of businesses, including start-ups, and we can customize our services to suit your needs. Do note, however, that should your company be deemed as high-risk, the services we have the capacity to offer may be limited.

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Nominee Director Scope of Service

The role of a director is complex and carries heavy responsibility. The legal responsibility imposed on the Nominee Director is the same as a regular director.

Hence, at Margin Wheeler we would only be able to provide our Nominee Director Service if the following criteria are met:

Nominee Director Services

Who is qualified to be a Nominee Director of a company?

The Singapore Companies Act has strict guidelines when it comes to the registration of a foreign-based or foreign-owned company. According to the Singapore Companies Act, to form a Private Limited (Pte Ltd) company, it needs to have at least one director who is fulfil the following requirements.

The Nominee Director should be:

  • 18 years old and above
  • A Singapore Citizen / Permanent Resident / Entre Pass Holder residing in Singapore (with a Singapore residential address)

The reason for this is to ensure that there is one director that will be invested with running the day-to-day affairs and will be accountable for management of the company. Both the company’s director and secretary will be held legally responsible and accountable for corporate affairs. They will be in charge of duties such as:

  • Conducting Annual General Meetings and file annual returns in accordance to ACRA
  • Submitting corporate taxation returns to IRAS

For a better understanding of the statutory duties of a director, please refer to the Guidebook for Directors – ACRA & I: Being an Effective Director.

How you can benefit from engaging us as Nominee Director

  • Quick and convenient registration
  • A track record and years of experience with Nominee Director Services and related accounting and corporate services
  • Remain fully compliant with Singapore laws.
  • If you are non-Singaporean, there is no need to relocate to Singapore or apply for a work pass visa.
  • Responsive client service – we reply to emails and calls within 1 business day.
  • Nominee Director registration with annual renewal
  • One-Stop Corporate Solution Provider with comprehensive Accounting Services
  • Office Address Registration

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