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Outsource your payroll duties, including CPF account application in Singapore to increase efficiency in other operations for your business. We have vast experience in helping many companies process their payrolls for employees efficiently and punctually. In addition, we also provide comprehensive range of Corporate Solutions and Accounting Services.

Our Payroll Service Fees

CPF Account Application $100
Monthly Payroll Service $50 per staff
Preparation of IR8A $20 per staff

Free monthly CPF e-Submission when you take up our Monthly Payroll Service.

Our Payroll Services can help your business to:

1. Accurately and punctually take care of employees’ remuneration

Our services allow for the flexibility of calculating overtime hours, bonuses, allowances, claims and deductions when needed. It will also be convenient for employers when new hires come in mid-month or when employees resign. The services we provide are compliant with labour laws under CPF, SDL and relevant authorities.

Not only that we can adapt to your preferred salary pay-out interval – weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

In addition, we will also issue salary vouchers to your employees so that they have a record of the amount received.

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  • Max. file size: 500 MB.

2. Promptly process contributions and claims to local authorities

Our services can also take care of payment processes to statutory local authorities such as CPF’s contribution will be taken care of. Our services cover issues like application to submission of donations to CPF Board, as well as claims for NS men’s make-up pay, maternity and childcare from local authorities.

3. Process payment to employees who are leaving the organisation

Our services provide clients with the ease and convenience in helping employers keep track and calculate the salaries and leave due to individual employees, making it easier to also track the last pay of employees who are leaving the organisation. This includes tracking balance leave, maternity and childcare leave and payment.

4. Prepare for annual income tax

Our services will also include helping the client to ensure the IR8A, IR8S forms, as well as the Appendix 8A and 8B are produced. Hardcopies of the forms will also be provided.

5. Submit end-of-year forms to IRAS before march of every year

We can assist to ensure on-time submission of end-of-year forms to IRAS in accordance to compliance standards.

  • Benefits of Engaging in Payroll Services include:
  • Avoid performing tedious and time consuming data-entry, matching and updating
  • Avoid the cost of engaging headcount specially to tend to this function in-house
  • Enjoy the convenience of receiving scheduled updates
  • Ease of viewing and reviewing all excessive overtime hours and claims to reduce costs
  • Be able to manage payroll related issues off-site
  • Maintain payroll file for each employee
  • Have the choice of calculating salaries on a monthly/bi-monthly basis
  • Publish secure online payslips/ payment advise
  • Convenience of making payment through online transactions instead of writing cheques

Most business owners find understanding the complex regulatory requirements to comply with the labour laws to be too time consuming. Hence, this where Margin Wheeler can assist to take over some of your burden.

Our Payroll Services can help you manage all the payroll related functions so that you can focus on running your business.

We offer a comprehensive range of Accounting Services and Corporate solutions for companies in Singapore. Our team of professionals is well-equipped to help you manage many of the accounting function such as Payroll, Bookkeeping and Corporate Tax Filing. Contact us today for an obligation-free consultation to find out more about our services.