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Are you considering outsourcing some of your manpower to foreign talent? We can help you with the Singapore Employment Pass Application from start to finish—what’s more, our consultation is FREE and you only pay if you choose to engage our service.

We can provide end-to-end Work Pass Management Services by assisting with the Application, Appeal (if necessary), Renewal and Cancellation of the below Work Pass Types.

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Employment Pass Application – Work Passes and Permits in Singapore

You may want to familiarize yourself with the various types of work passes and permits available in Singapore before beginning the employment pass applications.

Work Permit – $250/applicant (Add $200 for opening of MOM account)

For businesses involve in labour-intensive sectors such as construction industry, manufacturing plants, marine-shipyard, processing or services industry, they are allowed to hire semi-skilled foreign workers from approved source countries to meet their labour needs by applying Work Permits for these workers.

Here at Margin Wheeler, we can help you assess your sector’s requirements, foreign worker levy and quota, and assist you with the application.

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  • Max. file size: 500 MB.

Skill Pass (SP) – $600/applicant (Add $200 for opening of MOM account)

Only certain candidates will be considered for an S Pass.

Criteria to qualify for S Pass:

  • Salary of $2,200 and above
  • Acceptable level of qualifications – university degree, diploma or technical certifications in some cases.
  • Relevant work experiences

You can use the SAT (Self-Assessment Tool) to check if an applicant is eligible to qualify for Employment Pass or S Pass.

Employment Pass (EP) – $1000/applicant (Add $200 for opening of $200 account)

Only eligible candidates (explained below to determine eligibility) will be considered for an Employment Pass.

Criteria to qualify for Employment Pass:

  • Salary of $3,600 and above
  • Acceptable level of qualifications – university degree, professional skill sets
  • Additional requirement for Employment Pass application

In addition to the above requirements that the applicant must satisfy, there are some conditions that the company must meet before proceeding with the application process.

Advertisement of job opening

In accordance to the Fair Consideration Framework, the company seeking to apply for Employment Pass has to ensure that there is no suitable local candidate for the position. Hence,an advertisement of the job opening must be posted for 14 days on the Job Bank ( before the application of the Employment Pass can be submitted.

EntrePass – $3500/applicant

The business that you intend to set up in Singapore needs to meet specific requirements for you to qualify for an EntrePass.

Some of the criteria may include:

  • Receive funding from an accredited source,
  • Have an intellectual property
  • Collaboration with A*STAR or a university in research
  • Is an incubatee at SPRING Singapore’s Incubator Development Programme or other Government-supported incubator programmes.

For detailed requirements of eligibility, please refer to Ministry of Manpower – EntrePass.

The requirements and process for applying the Entrepass is very complex and time consuming hence many applicants have opt to seek the help of a professional.

At Margin Wheeler, we have the expertise and experience in dealing with all kinds of Employment Pass Application to assist you in this tedious process to ensure a successful application if you meet all the requirements. Not only that, we also offer a range of comprehensive Corporate Solutions and Accounting Services for companies looking to outsource the bookkeeping task or compliance requirements such as Company Secretary or Nominee Director.