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Definition of a Trademark

The definition of a trademark as provided by Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS):
It is a sign/mark/symbol that a person/company can use to distinguish the business’ goods or services from those of other traders. It can be in a graphic form of a company’s logo or its signature.

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Why you should register your trademark?

Protecting Company’s Brand or Trademark

A company can registered its trademark to prevent others from copying its logo or brand without permission. This gives company or individual the exclusive ownership and rights to use the trademark.

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Prevent Unintentional Infringement of Others’ Trademark

The registrar of trademarks in Singapore is responsible for determine if the trade mark is registrable. Ensuring that there is no other similar trademark that has already been registered. Hence, company can safely use their registered trademark without fear of infringing on any copyrights issues. A trademark certification will be issued as a proof of claim to the mark.

Trademark is of great value

A trademark can create tremendous value for a company or business. A registered trademark not only enables the company to protect its market share but also provide lucrative revenue by licensing it to interested parties or sell the trademark for a substantial price. For company seeking to raise funds or equity for its business, a trademark can come in handy as it provides a unique identity and branding for its business.

A form of Quality Assurance for your Customers

A company protecting its branding or trademark implies that it takes its quality assurance to its customers seriously. As the use of a trademark on a product allows customers to identify it to the source – company supplying or manufacturing the product. Hence, customers are assured of a consistent product quality.

A form of Branding for the Company

Having a unique logo or brand distinguish a company from the competitors. The recognised mark allows the customers to associate a level of quality of products or services with the company.

Legal Rights to the Trademark

Trademark Registration legally empowers a company to take legal action against others who attempt to copy its trademark.

Entitled to Tax Rebates

Under the Productivity and Innovation Credit Scheme, companies can enjoy up to 400% tax rebates or 60% cash pay-out to offset the cost of registering the trademark.

Common Trademark symbols

® indicates that the mark is successfully registered and hence company is protected under the trademark law.
TM only indicates that the company is using the mark as a trademark but the mark does not necessarily mean that the mark has been registered hence are will not be protected under the trademark law.

Have You Trademarked Your Company’s Trademark Or Logo?

Be ahead of others to trademark your unique logo or symbols before others trademarked them. Protect your trademark and also have the peace of mind that the logo your company is using is not infringing on others trademark.

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